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Pro Care Finger Printing Services
MAY be closed due to impending bad weather.
It is recommended you call the offce before you come in.
To be sure we are open.

In response to Governor Hogans Executive Order dated 3/23/2020,
ProCare Fingerprinting will be closed until further notice

Locally Owned and Operated.

At ProCare we use a 3M Cogent Live Scan Fingerprinting System to accurately collect your fingerprints and instantly transmit them to the FBI and the State of Maryland.

We pride ourselves on being a one stop shop.

Our Services and Fees

We can fingerprint for Adoption, Adult Care Worker, Attorney Client (Paid), Child Care Paid 

Employee, Child Care Volunteer, Criminal Justice Employment, Government Employment 

(State), Government Employment (State & FBI), Handgun Qualification License (HQL), Health 

Care Licensing, Maryland Concealed Carry Permit, Nursing, Immigration/Visa, Individual Review

(State Only), Private Detective, Private Employer, Regulated Firearms Dealer, Security Guard

(New and Renewal), Security Systems Tech, Special Police and MUCH, MUCH MORE. 

If you don’t see it listed, call us and we will let you know if we can do it.

Live Scan Fingerprinting             

Full background [State and FBI]   

State & FBI Fee: $31.25, Live Scan Fee: $19.75, Total Cost: $51.00

Maryland State background check only        

State Fee: $18.00, Live Scan Fee: $20.00, Total Cost: $38.00

Maryland State background check with Gold Seal    

State Fee: $19.00, Live Scan Fee: $20.00, Total Cost: $39.00

Attorney/Client civil                    

State Fee: $18.00, Live Scan Fee: $20.00, Total Cost: $38.00

Ink Fingerprinting                                                                           

Ink Fingerprinting on 1 Fingerprint Card

Cost: $ 15.00

Ink Fingerprinting on 2 or more Fingerprint Cards               

Cost: $ 20.00

Other Services

5 Minute Passport Photos

Includes 2 photos in protective folder         

Cost: $ 12.00

Notary Public                                                                           

Cost: $4.00

Laminating Services

Cost: $2.50 to $5.00 depending on size

How do I get Background checks done? 

Are you a Private Employer or Organization that wishes to utilize Electronic Fingerprinting and Employee Background checks? 

ProCare can assist you with the process. We will help you complete the Private PartyPetition packet, that will allow you to obtain the required Authorization Number to receive Background checks. 

Did we mention that this is FREE? 

The State of Maryland does NOT charge a fee for you to become an Authorized Agency to receive Criminal Background information.